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Nile University of Nigeria enhances postgraduate students’ employment by providing networking opportunities.

There are numerous advantages to pursuing postgraduate studies in Nigeria. From increasing employability to advancing in one’s job, postgraduate education is a worthwhile endeavor.

However, in Nigeria, public understanding of the influence of a postgraduate degree on employability and professional progression is frequently confined to the academic elements affecting students’ job prospects, such as curriculum and lecturer quality. As a result, postgraduate institutions concentrate their efforts exclusively on improving their academic offerings to students. Nigeria’s Nile University is an exception to this tendency.

Apart from providing a superior academic experience to its postgraduate students, Nile University strategically recruits a professionally diverse postgraduate student body, providing students with the opportunity to expand their professional networks and access valuable career opportunities, among other benefits.

It is well accepted that competence alone is frequently insufficient to gain access to certain possibilities; developing mutually beneficial relationships with the appropriate people is also critical. By positioning its School of Postgraduate Studies to attract professionals from a variety of high-profile organizations, including the World Bank, NITDA, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, to name a few, Nile University provides postgraduate students with a networking gold mine where they can cultivate impactful professional relationships.

Mr. Faruq Illo, a current student of MFE Financial Economics at Nile University of Nigeria, says, “Pursuing a Master’s degree in Financial Economics at Nile University has been a great experience.” The majority of my classmates are professionals from a variety of renowned organizations, which has enabled me to develop crucial relationships that have resulted in more business prospects. As a Pensions Officer, the professional ties I’ve developed thus far at Nile University have been important in connecting me to clients I would not have met otherwise.”

By continuing committed to maintaining a professionally diverse postgraduate student body, Nile University will continue to enhance its postgraduate students’ job prospects by providing them with high-quality networking opportunities to supplement their classroom experiences.

Nigeria’s Nile University: Invest in your achievement to help build a better society.

Nile University of Nigeria is currently accepting applications for the 2021/2022 academic semester. To apply online, go to – the application process is absolutely free.

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