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Bauchi bans corporal punishment in Islamiyya schools

Officials from the Bauchi State administration have declared that all types of corporal punishment are prohibited in private Islamiyya schools and higher Islamic learning institutes in the state. Dr Aliyu Tilde, the state commissioner for education, made the announcement in a statement issued in Bauchi.

As a result, he stated that the ministry would closely monitor all Islamiyya schools in the state to ensure that such behavior is completely avoided. He stated that it was improper for Islamiyya school owners and managers to subject children to untold punishment under the pretense of strengthening their moral behavior.

The commissioner expressed concern about the high rate at which physical punishment was administered to students in Islamiyya institutions in the state, noting that it presented a threat to the general well-being of the students.

The minister also threatened that the ministry would not hesitate to close down schools that were discovered to be involved in child abuse, and that those responsible would be held accountable in the appropriate manner.

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