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Ibadan Polytechnic School Fees

A Brief Overview

The Polytechnic Ibadan, popularly known as Poly Ibadan, is a Nigerian polytechnic founded in 1970 and located in Ibadan, Oyo State. The institution is famous for its unique slogan ‘Ise loogun Ise’, which means ‘Work (is) the medicine for poverty.’

Founded in 1970, the polytechnic succeeded the Technical College, Ibadan. It operates on a faculty system. The Polytechnic Ibadan has five faculties.

The Polytechnic, Ibadan was founded to provide an alternative institution of higher learning to universities, especially in technical skill acquisition. It aims at providing training and development of techniques in Environmental, Engineering, Applied Science, and a host of others.

Poly Ibadan is one of the most recognized institutions in Nigeria, which has produced several prominent personalities.

Ibadan Polytechnic School Fees 2019 (Second Semester)

Full-time Payments

Fee DescriptionIndigene (N)Non-Indigene (N)
Tuition fee (ND 1)64,11171,261
Tuition fee (ND 2)38,72943,729
Tuition fee (HND 1)73,34280,492
Tuition fee (HND 2)45,29350,293

DPP Payments

Fee DescriptionIndigene (N)Non-Indigene (N)
Tuition fee (ND 1)96,52596,525
Tuition fee (ND 2)61,39661,396
Tuition fee (HND 1)110,110110,110
Tuition fee (HND 2)67,94067,940

CEC Payments

Fee DescriptionIndigene (N)Non-Indigene (N)
Tuition fee (ND 1)First Semester: N69,206

Second Semester: N46,137

Third Semester: N37,060

First Semester: N62,257

Second Semester: N41,503

Third Semester:N32,260

Tuition fee (ND 2)First Semester: N26,040

Second Semester: N25,040

Third Semester: N18,388

First Semester: N22,840

Second Semester: N23,080

Third Semester: N16,720

Tuition fee (HND 1)First Semester: N79,960

Second Semester: N53,310

Third Semester: N43,456

First Semester: N74,989

Second Semester: N49,992

Third Semester: N38,746

Tuition fee (HND 2)First Semester: N30,304

Second Semester: N29,453

Third Semester: N20,969

First Semester: N27,164

Second Semester: N25,852

Third Semester: N18,568

Logo of the Polytechnic, Ibadan

Polytechnic Ibadan School Fees Portal

To access the school fees portal, kindly visit:

Ibadan City Polytechnic School Fees 2020

Logo of Ibadan City Polytechnic

Part Time Students

1st semester: N49,700

2nd semester: N33,500

ND 2

1st semester: N38,200

2nd semester: N27,000

ND 3

1st semester: N26,500

2nd semester: N19,300


1st semester: N26,500

2nd semester: N47,700


1st semester: N30,500

ND & HND (Non Indigenes)

ND 1

1st semester: N31,200

2nd semester: N21,000

ND 2

1st semester: N27,300

2nd semester: N18,500


1st semester: N35,000

2nd semester: N23,500


1st semester: N31,200

2nd semester: N23,500

ND & HND (Indigenes)

ND 1

1st semester: N28,200

2nd semester: N19,000

ND 2

1st semester: N24,300

2nd semester: N16,500


1st semester: N32,000

2nd semester: N21,500


1st semester: N28,200

2nd semester: N19,100

Ibadan Polytechnic DPP School Fees

ND 1

First Semester: N41,800

Second Semester: N28,000

Highland Polytechnic Ibadan School Fees

Logo of Highland Polytechnic

First Semester 
Medical Insurance5,000
ID. Card1,000
Screening Fee1,000
Lab/Library Use7,500

Second Semester Fees

Professional Certification7,500

Tower Polytechnic Ibadan School Fees

ND 1 (Full Time)

Acceptance Fee: N7,000

First Semester: N33,500

Second Semester: N33,500

Matriculation: N6,000

TOTAL: N80,000

Ibadan City Polytechnic HND School Fees

HND (Indigene)

HND 1 First Semester: N32,000

HND 1 Second Semester: N21,500

HND 2 First Semester: N28,200

HND 2 Second Semester: N19,100


HND 1 First Semester: N35,000

HND 1 Second Semester: N23,000

HND 2 First Semester: N31,200

HND 2 Second Semester: N21,100

Ibadan Polytechnic Cut Off Mark

Ibadan City Polytechnic’s cut-off mark for the 2020/2021 academic session is 180. Therefore, candidates seeking admission into the institution are required to have sat for the 2020 UTME and scored a minimum of 180.

How Much is Ibadan Poly Acceptance Fee? 

The Polytechnic, Ibadan acceptance fee is twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000).

Ibadan Polytechnic Courses

The following are some of the popular courses offered in Poly Ibadan:

Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering

Food Technology

Building Technology

Estate Management and Valuation

Local Government Studies

Surveying and Geo-Informatics


A picture of Lagos State Polytechnic

 Acceptance Fee (In Naira)School Fee (In Naira)
ND 115,00020,950
ND 217,450
ND Repeater9,450
HND 1 Diplomate15,00028,000
HND 1 Non-Diplomate15,00030,500
HND 227,500
HND 2 Repeater19,500

 Ibadan Poly Hostel Fees

To learn more about the fees charged for hostel accommodation, kindly visit the official website:

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