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Admission list for National Diploma students at Gombe State Polytechnic 2021/2022

This is to alert all prospective students of Gombe State Polytechnic that the administration has issued the National Diploma Admission List for the 2021/2022 Academic Session.

Students who have been accepted must report for screening and registration between the 28th of March and the 15th of April, 2022.


1. Successful applicants should download their admission letters from the school site – – and report to their respective Heads of Departments for screening/clearance, bringing original copies of their results and other credentials with them.

2. After receiving clearance (as described in point 1 above), candidates should move to the MIS/ICT Unit for online clearance.

3. To make a payment for their school tuition, candidates should log in to their portal (using their Application Number as the user name and their Password as the “password”). If your account has not been cleared on the portal, you will not be able to make payments for registration fees and course registration using the site. The candidates who choose to utilize the Bank branch option should print the Payment Reference number obtained and bring it with them to the bank for payment. Alternatively, you can use your ATM card or a bank transfer to complete the transaction online.

4. Your REGISTRATION NUMBER is now created and printed together with your Payment Slip after you have made your payment.

5. Proceed to the Bursary Department, where you will submit your payment slip and get a receipt for your payment that has been officially signed by you.

6. go to the Polytechnic’s Medical Center for medical evaluations, using the forms that were downloaded with the acceptance letter as a starting point.

7. Return to the MIS/ICT Unit to pick up your registered courses, and then proceed to your various departments/schools to get the signatures of the Head of Department and the Class Advisor on your registered courses.

8. Make three (3) copies of any forms, receipts, and credentials that have been downloaded and correctly filled out, and then bring them to the Academic Office for validation. (The Academic Office will only consider your registration to be genuine if it has been validated by you.)

9. Report to the security unit for the issuing of a temporary identification card.

10. Make three (3) copies of your temporary ID card and place them in the three (3) files: two (2) copies should be submitted to the Academic Office and one (1) copy should be submitted to your Department for final documentation.

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