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KWASU prohibits students from driving their own vehicles on campus

Students at Kwara State University will no longer be allowed to operate vehicles on campus, according to the university’s administration.

This was stated in a press release published by Mr. Abdulrazaq Sanni, Director of University Relations, following the inauguration of the Compliance and Enforcement Committee on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

The Vice-Chancellor emphasized that it has become imperative to prohibit students from driving on campus in order to protect the lives of students and faculty members from students who drive recklessly.

“This has become essential as a result of Management’s observation that our roads have been transformed into a racecourse, with students driving at nerve-wracking speeds, causing a nuisance on our campus.”

The University’s chief executive officer went on to say that management has resolved to restore sanity and order to the university community, and in particular, to save the lives of students from recurring ghastly motor accidents, as well as to discourage the use of vehicles as a tool of oppression among students.

Students are therefore instructed to adhere to the rules to the letter, as no vehicle will be permitted to enter the university grounds under any pretext, and fines will be imposed on any student who does not comply with the rules.

In accordance with the declaration, the prohibition would be in place as from 14th of February 2022.

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