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Years of Study in a Nigerian Polytechnic for ND and HND

In Nigeria, applications are made into public and private polytechnics to bag Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and/or Higher National Diploma (HND).

Admissions are granted to candidates who fulfill the requirements as listed by a respective polytechnic.

The duration of programmes in polytechnic usually lasts for four years (Ordinary National Diploma and Higher National Diploma).

This is similar to a four-year Bachelor’s degree programme at the university.

What is the OND Program?

OND, popularly known as ND, refers to the Ordinary National Diploma.

After the two-year programme, the polytechnic awards students with degrees. A holder of a National Diploma can gain employment or further their education by enrolling for the Higher National Diploma (HND).

A holder of a National Diploma can also gain admission into a university. This can also be done through Direct Entry (DE) admission.

How to Get Admitted to an OND Program?

To gain admission into a polytechnic for an OND program, candidates must have sat for the JAMB UTME and taken part in the institution’s admission screening exercise or Post UTME.

Candidates who meet the polytechnic’s admission requirements and gains admission will proceed to National Diploma (ND) 1 in the polytechnic while studying their desired course as chosen when purchasing the JAMB form.

Candidates can also be admitted into the Ordinary National Diploma program by applying for the daily part-time programmes (DPP).

What differentiates DPP from full time is the difference in cost.

Candidates may also decide to apply for the regular part-time course, which usually runs for two years.

After completing the two-year Ordinary National Diploma (OND) programme at a given polytechnic, students will be awarded their ND certificates.

An ND certificate can be used to enroll in the university through JAMB Direct Entry (DE) admission.

These candidates will, however, continue from the 200 level. Students can also further their education in a polytechnic by enrolling for Higher National Diploma (HND).

Length of Time for OND

Ordinary National Diploma (OND) is usually a two years programme.

Under Which Condition can an HND or OND Program Last Longer or Shorter

OND or HND programmes cannot be run for less than the duration. However, it can last longer if a student has outstanding courses that must be passed. Such a student might have to spend an extra year to rewrite the examination.

A picture of Benue State Polytechnic
Benue State Polytechnic

What is the HND Program?

The Higher National Diploma (HND) is awarded to a polytechnic graduate after the completion of the National Diploma programme (2 years), Industrial Training (1 or 2 years), and Higher National Diploma programme (2 years).

Enrolling for a Higher National Diploma (HND) programme does not require sitting for JAMB UTME or purchasing the Direct Entry (DE) form.

Instead, the polytechnic would organize a screening or entrance test, depending on their individual requirements.

How to Get Admitted to an HND Program? 

To get admitted to a Higher National Diploma (HND) programme, candidates are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates should fulfill the O’ Level entry requirements for admission into National Diploma programmes.
  2. Candidates should have obtained a minimum of Lower Credit in National Diploma (ND).
  3. Candidates must have obtained one year post cognate National Diploma (ND) Industrial experience.

Kindly note that some polytechnics have their respective admission requirements into the HND programme.

Length of Time for HND

Higher National Diploma usually runs for a duration of two years.

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