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UI’s Best Graduating Student, Temitope Oyedeji Bags 41 Awards

While some students consider mathematics to be their least favorite subject, Oyedeji Temitope Victor, a 2020/2021 graduate of the University of Ibadan, UI, ended as the top student in the Department of Mathematics with a CGPA of 3.87/4.00, the best in the department.

In addition, the honor student received 41 awards, including the SNE Award for National Outstanding Mathematics Student of the Year, the Best Graduating Student in the Faculty of Science, the Best Graduating Student in Mathematics, the JCI FOPA Award for the Most Outstanding Student in Academics, the NDMSS UI for Best Sportsman of the Year, and the NDMSS UI for Best Sportsman of the Year.

As he recalled the beginning of his academic career, Temitope stated that: “When I entered the University of Ibadan in2017, it happened to be the same year that my brother Oyedeji Timilehin graduated from the University of Ilorin.

“He graduated first in his class and first in the faculty, and it was the first and most crucial motivator for me to pursue a doctorate. I remembered my father telling me that I needed to beat his grades and records, and I remember laughing to myself because it seemed like it would be impossible. However, it motivated me to strive to be the greatest at all times. I’m grateful that I did.

Beyond being a hardworking student, I was also a member of the Department’s football team, which included faculty members. I worked as a pre-university and 100-level tutorial instructor.

“Being a student was one of the most difficult difficulties I had as a student. Even sitting through the traditional lectures proved to be challenging at times.

“My mind and body were always on the move, and I couldn’t wait to get out of my seat, walk about, express my opinions, and communicate with my classmates. ” I dealt with it by concentrating all of my efforts on my listening and taking notes.

“Adjusting to a new environment was difficult during my first year, and there were several intimidation opportunities across the campus.” The volume of work, time management, and attempting to maintain a work-life balance became increasingly difficult in the following years.”

In addition, he discussed additional factors that helped him prepare for his outstanding performance, saying, “I realized what works for me.” I don’t read for long periods of time since I tend to become sidetracked by other things.

“I merely need to grasp the overall concept of the course/material, and then I’ll have very little further work to accomplish.” But the most important thing was that I was able to maintain a sense of equilibrium. Before sitting for each exam or test, I made certain that I was at least 95% happy with the results.

“I also make an effort not to read anything other than notes and textbooks, and I am aware of what my professors expect of me and what they desire.”

Temitope Oyedeji
Temitope Oyedeji

“Growing up in a very competitive atmosphere has instilled in me the desire to perform at the highest level possible while also aiding others around me.” This conviction has served as a basis for my approach to academics, work, and personal life throughout my career.

As a result of this, I have been able to strive for perfection in all I do, which has been reflected in my successes to date.”

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