Polytechnic Vs. University. 8 reasons I prefer a Polytechnic

The polytechnic and the university are two types of post-secondary institutions. The difference between them is quite significant, and it all lies in the educational experience they offer.

Polytechnics are mainly technical institutes, but their programs can sometimes include arts or sciences. Many polytechnic students are in a work-study program where they complete coursework while they work for a company to gain real world experience.

This is because the courses taught at these institutes focus on applied learning and project-based experiences to prepare students for real jobs in industry. They have also been known to offer more job placement opportunities, with many companies coming to them directly for employees with specific skillsets and qualifications.

On the other hand, universities are more focused on pure academics than any other aspect of education.

‘Polytechnic vs. University’ has gone through rounds of debates.

While some people believe that university is more worthwhile to attend than a polytechnic, others are of the belief that polytechnic is rather more ideal.

This article explains 8 reasons why you should rather attend a polytechnic.

  1. It is easier to study in a polytechnic. The polytechnic study plan is divided into two programmes: National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes.

Each of the programmes is run for a period of two years.

The programmes are divided so that students can decide how they want to complete the programme.

This is in contrast to the university system that runs for four to five years.

Polytechnic graduates with a National Diploma (ND) certificate can also decide to start working before furthering their education.

Also, polytechnic graduates earn two awards, National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) certificates.

The Higher National Diploma certificate is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Since the programmes are divided into two, polytechnic students have better opportunity to change their environment of study.

They can decide to obtain their Higher National Diploma certificate from another polytechnic or to even continue their programme in the university!

Polytechnic students can decide to take a break and relocate to another region to further their studies. Unfortunately, university students do not have the opportunity to do the same.

  1. Polytechnics usually teach students by deploying practical approaches.

Students are privileged to gain more practical experiences as compared to their counterparts in the university.

SIWES and IT organized by the institution also provide students with better practical exposure. For example, in the university, students usually observe their IT in their third year.

  1. Polytechnic graduates are able to start their own business after completing their programme because of the practical knowledge acquired.

With the experience gained from practical skills in the polytechnic, they can become successful entrepreneurs compared to university graduates.

  1. It is easier to gain admission to a polytechnic than a university.

We have scenarios of candidates applying countlessly to universities and spending years in this process without being able to gain admission.

This is quite different for polytechnics. Therefore, candidates can easily gain admission into polytechnics without much hassle.

6. Polytechnic school fees are more affordable than the university, especially private universities that charge exorbitant fees per session.

7. Polytechnics are ideal for candidates seeking admission to study engineering-related courses such as electrical and electronics engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and a host of others.

These courses are better taught in polytechnics than in universities.

8. Polytechnic graduates are all well versed in field works.

Their practical experience and knowledge gained through IT and SIWES make them more skilled in field works than university graduates.

The points highlighted above explain the reasons why you might want to enroll in a polytechnic rather than a university.

What are other reasons that prove that polytechnics are better than universities? Let us know in the comment section!

In conclusion, Polytechnics focus on teaching practical skills and developing employable skills. They offer short programmes that are designed to equip graduates with the necessary skills for the workplace.

Students who get their diploma from polytechnics are well-trained in a specific area or technology and can pursue a career in that field much more easily than those who graduate from universities.

Universities offer many diverse programmes to students, however, they do not offer any hands-on learning opportunities and depend heavily on lectures. This makes them less attractive for students who are changing careers or looking to switch into a new field of study.

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