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I’m ready to return to the classroom as a professional teacher – Governor of Bauchi

Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, the Governor of Bauchi State, has expressed his willingness to return to the classroom to teach in order to promote the teaching profession and the quality of education in the state. Senator Mohammed is the first governor in Nigeria to express his willingness to return to the classroom.

Governor Bala Mohammed, a trained teacher who has spent his whole life in the teaching profession, has promised that his administration has already put in place initiatives targeted at enhancing the educational sector in the state and promoting teaching as the best, noblest, and oldest vocation on the planet.

Bala Mohammed was speaking during an interview with Channels Television on the Political Paradigm, stating that the accomplishments he has made over the last three years are more easily seen than described, as witnessed by Our Correspondent.

Additionally, the Governor stated that he did not arrive in Bauchi State as Governor in 2019 blinded, but rather with a plan to face all multidimensional difficulties that he had thoroughly mastered through his previous experience in the federal civil service and as a politician.

The governor went on to say that his administration had completed over 3000 blocks of classrooms and more than 300 kilometers of roads, in addition to many projects that had been abandoned by the previous administration around the state, despite the limited resources at its disposal.

Concerning healthcare delivery, the Governor stated that his administration has already declared a state of emergency in the sector and has constructed a functional primary health care facility in each ward across the state, in addition to equipping over 400 primary health care facilities and renovating and upgrading numerous general hospitals.

The governor told the people of the state that his administration would continue to embark on initiatives and programs that would have a good influence on their lives and living conditions.

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