A Futa Student explains the Geology Department In Futa

The geology department in Futa ( Federal University of Technology, Akure), referred to as Applied Geology (AGY) has been placed under the School of Earth and Mineral Science (SEMS) where you can find other departments that are closely related to geology. The department was created in 1982 and placed under the above school.

What Is Geology About?

Geology, also known as ‘earth science’ or ‘geoscience’ is the study of the earth’s structure, its evolution and dynamics. It is also the study of the earth’s natural mineral and energy resources. Geology uses the rock records to unearth the history of the earth and also to know the processes and stages the earth has gone through in its 4500 million years of life.

Geology is important for solving societal challenges, helping to proffer safe solutions to problems that we are faced with in our environment.

Roles of Geology In Our Society

  • Predicts the behavioural pattern of the earth’s system as well as the universe.
  • Discover adequate supplies of natural resources like groundwater, petroleum and metals.
  • Geology helps In the agricultural sector by maintaining productivity and conserving soils.
  • Develops natural resources in an eco-friendly way.
  • Helps to reduce the damage caused by natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes and the likes by predicting their occurrences.
  • Helps to maintain the quality of the water supply.

What Is Unique About Studying Applied Geology In Futa?

As a student studying geology in Futa, you are exposed to various educational and informative experiences. Students of Applied Geology in the Federal University Of Technology, Akure, are opportune to visit the geology laboratory for practical studies. Theoretical lectures are presented in the form of practicals for an easier understanding of all that they have been taught. After practical displays, students are encouraged to perform practicals on their own by putting them into groups or pairing them up to see how well they understand the topic being treated.

The students in this department are also sent out into the real world, for six months in the fourth year of their study, where the knowledge of geology is applied to solve daily life challenges. They get a glimpse of what it is to be a geologist outside of the four walls of the classroom. 

The school takes the student outdoors to sites for outdoor learning as well. This is termed ‘field trip’. During these field trips, students are allowed to question experts in the field. These trips are usually taken in the 2nd and 3rd year of their study in Futa.

Futa has also taken the pain to employ expert lecturers, who are reliable and experienced to impact her students with valuable knowledge about geology. With all of these advantages, students are well equipped with the right knowledge to go out into the real world and practice their chosen profession.

They are capable of being very successful in their field with the right implementation of the knowledge they have gained through The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). An aspiring student of Futa has done well for themselves in choosing one of the best platforms to study geology.

What Is The Admission Requirement For Geology In Futa?

Futa demands that a potential candidate must have a minimum of 5 credits in not more than 2 sittings in WASSCE, NECO, GCE, ‘O’ Levels or the equivalent of these examinations. The five subjects include Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, English language and Biology or Agricultural Science or Geography. 

A potential candidate is also required to have nothing less than 180 points and even above that in UTME with a subject combo of English language, Chemistry, Mathematics and, Physics or Biology. For direct entry students, the requirement is to have an ND in geology, mineral resources, or mining engineering from any known polytechnics and colleges of education and also, the cut-off mark for the school’s Post- UTME is 50%.

Geology Laboratories In Futa

The geology laboratory in Futa is located in the second phase of the School of Earth and Mineral Science building. It is also referred to as the ‘pet lab’, short for Petrology laboratory.

Where Are Lectures Taken?

  • For the 100 level students, who at this point are made to take general courses, lectures are rendered in ETF, 1000 capacity lecture hall, LT1, LT2, and FBN
  • For the 200 level students, 2 in 1a, 2 in 1b, Bukka Ibrahim, which is located just beside the School of Earth and Mineral Science, and some of the general lecture halls as well.
  • For the 300 level students, lectures are sometimes received in the ‘pet lab’, Bukka Ibrahim or 2 In 1b.
  • For 400 level students, ‘pet lab’, Bukka Ibrahim, and 2 in 1b, same as the 300 level students
  • For 500 level students, classrooms within the School Of Earth And Mineral Science (SEMS) as well as the pet lab.

3 Popular Lecturers In Geology Department 

Dr Asowata, a lecturer in the Department of Applied Geology, teaches a course on Igneous Petrology. Dr Owoseni, also a lecturer in the department, lectures on hydrology and last but not least is Mr Igoonor, whose course of specialisation is mineralogy. The department also houses many other talented and expert geologists ready to impact their students with professional knowledge of geology to prepare them for their outside-of-school experience.

Is Studying Geology In Futa Tough?

The experience of studying geology in Futa can vary from student to student. Some students feel great pleasure from studying geology, saying that the course has quite a lot of interesting curves. While some other students have suggested that although geology is an interesting course of study, it has its way of taking its toll on them, leaving them feeling stressed out. 

As all fingers are not equal, some students of geology have it easy. They read, and pass easily, while some have to study hard over and over to succeed. This factor does not stop the department from producing first-class students and also serious-minded students. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a school by this great institution.

This article was written by Jemima Mafo, a final year Futa student.

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